Join us as we go on an adventure through daily devotionals and family activities on a quest to find Christ in this holiday season. Our calendar will have a new entry every day now through Christmas. Sign up for a daily email notification and share with your friends.

December 1 December 1

The Hope of God With Us

Laura Story

December 2 December 2

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Ginee Scott

December 3 December 3

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Melissa Milbourn

December 4 December 4

The Magic of Christmas

Jeff Klein

December 5 December 5


Phil Schneider

December 6 December 6


Justin Mosteller

December 7 December 7

Babies and Jesus

Lindsey Capperrune

December 8 December 8

The Mystery of God with Us

Jeff Scott

December 9 December 9

Hope is the Anthem

Jon Foreman of SWITCHFOOT

December 10 December 10

Just the Beginning

Kendra Smiley

December 11 December 11

White as Snow

Weez Stockton

December 12 December 12

Becoming Children Again

Jason Gray

December 13 December 13

The Gift of Anticipation

Scot Longyear

December 14 December 14

When Christmas Isn’t Merry

Randy Zachary

December 15 December 15

Real Gift Giving

Jill Savage

December 16 December 16

God’s Grace - The Ultimate Pay-it-Forward

Steve Miller

December 17 December 17

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Matt Maher

December 18 December 18

Children of God

Phil Wickham

December 19 December 19

The Putting and the Pruning

Meridith Foster

December 20 December 20

Unwrapping His Presence

Renee Swope

December 21 December 21

The Consequence of Community

Monica Zachary

December 22 December 22

Christmas List

Kendra Smiley

December 23 December 23

The Wow Factor

Melissa Milbourn

December 24 December 24

Go Sing It

Ben Calhoun from Citizen Way

December 25 December 25

Merry Christmas

Christ Is Born